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About Newbury Security Keyholders

Photographs: Newbury Security Keyholders are pleased to supply 24hr security guards to protect high value vacant residential properties and vacant hotel properies between changes of occupiers and owners.

Property Security Group Limited, is a family-owned and family-run nationwide security company in the UK staffed by well-trained and vetted SIA-licensed security staff supported by local supervision and our 24 hour national Control Room.

PSG offer a wide range of manned guarding, mobile security patrol, key holder, locking and unlocking of commercial premises, concierge services, static guards, vacant property security systems and 24hr guarding, scaffolding alarm hire, building development and construction site security services – as well as electronic surveillance and intruder detection services.

Newbury Key Holders Security and Manned Guarding were the foundation upon which Property Security Group was built and we are proud to be key members of the PSG “family”. We operate mainly around the Newbury and west Berkshire areas providing security key holder services, static security guards, daily unlock and lock up services, mobile security patrols, 24hr intruder alarm response, construction site security, vacant hotel property security, void property inspections and vacant property security.

To learn how Newbury Security Keyholders can support your business, protect your property, assets and people, and help maintain business continuity, call us now on 01256 831838 – or email info@newburykeyholders.co.uk

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