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Newbury security key holder company | Security manned guarding company | 24hr Intruder alarm response | Daily locking and unlocking of commercial premises| Construction site security |Vacant property security |Security services for Berkshire, Newbury, Hungerford, Greenham, Didcot, Thatcham, Harwell and Kingsclere

Your local security companies in Newbury and west Berkshire

basingstoke security dog handlers

01. 24hr Security Guards and dog handlers, office security receptionists and concierge staff, warehouse security guards, factory security, gatekeepers

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Key Holder intruder alarm response

02. Security Key Holding and 24hr intruder alarm response services, mobile security patrols, daily unlock and lock up services

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Construction site security guards

03. Construction site security guards, vacant property security, scaffolding alarm hire and temporary wireless 3G security camera system hire

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Your local security keyholder and guarding company

property security basingstoke

About Us

Newbury Keyholders Security and Manned Guarding is the local, west Berkshire, standalone part of the Property Security Group Limited “family”.

We offer traditional physical security solutions for local businesses, organisations and schools across the area.

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security guards dog handlers basingstoke

Your local security guarding company

Your local west Berkshire security company in Newbury, Hungerford, Didcot, Harwell and Kingsclere areas for security guarding, guard dog handlers, construction site security, building site security camera hire, scaffolding alarm hire, key holding, 24hr intruder alarm response, mobile security roving patrols, empty property security guarding, vacant property security systems and daily lock and unlock services

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